Face Lift Surgery

Ageing is a natural process but it doesn’t necessarily mean saying bye to your youthful good looks. In the hands of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, it’s easy to counterbalance the effects of time.  We can restore your natural appearance with a face lift.

Face Lift procedure tightens the sagging skin and reduces the wrinkles on your face. It will give you a fresh and youthful look. Dr. Bashar Bizrah is one of the most experienced Facial Surgery and Rhinoplasty experts. He is known for his successful operations in Europe, London, Jeddah and Dubai. His Beyond Med Centre offers state-of-the-art facilities in Face Skin Tightening.

Dr. Bizrah is known as a pioneering force in the field of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. He provides the patients with the best options in Face Lift surgery. Along with his skilled team, he will discuss every aspect of the procedure with you. He will devise a plan that produces aesthetically pleasing results. Face Lift Surgery often combines various cosmetic procedures such as fat shifting, neck liposuction as well as chemical and laser peels.

Most Facelift Surgery patients are looking for natural results. Dr. Bashar Bizrah is the best surgeon who can recapture the original radiance of the skin, without any drastic alterations.

Face Lift Procedure

  • Face Lift Surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia.
  • The surgeon decides beforehand, judging from the extent of the surgery. Even in local anaesthesia, the patient is heavily sedated. An incision is made into the natural crease behind the ear and skin is stretched by removing the extra fat.
  • The procedure takes two to four hours, depending on the extent of the surgery and the surgeon closes the incision with cosmetic sutures.
  • Minor pain is normal after the procedure and is controlled through doctor-prescribed painkillers. The face is completely covered with a bandage and it takes a few weeks for the face to heal.
  • It takes time to adjust to the stretched skin but the end result is worth the discomfort.


Things to Remember:

It is very important to choose the right plastic or cosmetic surgeon. You have only one body and putting it in the hands of anyone less competent can result in grave consequences. The ideal surgeon is someone who can understand what you want to achieve with the cosmetic surgery procedure. They will work with you to get the best possible solution.

Our state of the art cosmetic surgery facility has the best doctors and the latest machines. We have the most competent and compassionate staff so that BMC can provide exceptional services.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I consider a facelift?
  • You may be a candidate for a facelift if you are in overall good health.  There will be enough excess skin or sagging in the face and neck to make the operation beneficial.
  • The average facelift patients are iaged between 40 and 60. However, a facelift can be successfully done on people in their 70’s or 80’s, as well.
Will I get the scars?
  • Incisions for a facelift usually begin above the hairline at the temple.  It extends by following the natural line just inside the cartilage at the front of the ear. It continues behind the earlobe to the lower scalp inside the hairline.
  • Scars are generally hidden behind the hairline or in a natural crease. Once the scars have softened and matured over a period of several months, they are not very noticeable. If work is being done in the neck area, a small incision made under the chin may also be used.
How long does the facelift surgery take?
  • A facelift usually takes between 2 and 4 hours, but depends on the extent of the work that is done.
How long will it take to recover?
  • It depends on the person and the specific procedure used. Most patients are able to resume regular activities within a few weeks. At this time, swelling visibility to others will subside. You may continue to feel a small amount of swelling and pain for several more weeks as your body heals.
Where can I get the face lift surgery?
  • The Face Lift Surgery can be performed at all our locations across the UK. In fact, all our surgeries and procedures can be done at any of these locations. This includes all cosmetic surgeries, hair transplants, hair treatments and injectables.

    Our Locations

    • Harley Street, London.
    • Kensington Olympia, London.
    • City London.
    • Manchester.
    • Bristol.
    • Birmingham.

    You can find out which location is best for you by contacting us here.

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